Why MIST’s Center For Professional Development

The Centre for Professional Development is MIST’s response to the growing need by industry for programs that will facilitate professional growth and development of the 21st Century Workforce.  The center shall operate in an ultra-modern training facility and shall offer programs tailored for the needs of industry and prepare participants for entry level as well as advanced level jobs. 

Through our instructor led courses as well as our Massive Open Online Course System (MOOCS), the CfPD shall provide a single point of access to a variety of educational opportunities and training programs from best-in-class providers, both internal and external to MIST. The MIST CfPD shall stretch the limits of professional development. Come and experience MIST's customer-focused and hands-on approach to the learning resources you need.

Vision Statement

The Center for Professional Development (CfPD) at MIST is striving to be the center of excellence in the Ecowas sub-region, for professional development opportunities and resources that meet the evolving needs of the 21st Century Job Market.

Mission Statement

The mission of CfPD is to provide high quality, timely and cost-effective professional development programmes and resources to both on-campus as well as off-campus participants CfPD shall achieve its mission by delivering in person and online programs facilitated by internal and external partners, and by seeking continual feedback from subject matter experts and internal stakeholders.

Leadership of CfPD

Dean’s Message

Dean’s Bio


The CfPD partners with the Schools of Engineering and Business and Technology as well as industry partners to offer programs that span the Engineering, Business and Management professions, The programmes currently in our portfolio are: 

  • IT Essentials  - Digital Literacy

  • Cisco Networking Academy

  • Microsoft IT Academy

  • Oracle Academy

  • IBM

  • MEA University Program

  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program


The program is open to all.

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