Every student must be admitted into a Faculty/Department for a Programme of study and must be properly registered for courses during the official registration period at the beginning of each semester. The student shall plan his/her course in consultation with his/her academic advisor. Continuing students who trail between one (1) and six (6) 1st, 2nd and /3rd year courses at the end of second semester Examination shall be required to:

First register the outstanding trailed courses for the appropriate semester .Then register additional current courses to make up the maximum credits for the semester and defer the rest of the courses. Students shall report on the day the Institute re-opens and register within the normal period as would be determined by the Institute.  It shall be permissible for those who are unable to register within the stated period to undergo late registration. A fine to be determined by the Institute shall be imposed for late registration. Formal registration ends on the last day of the late registration.

a) A student who is unable to register within the formal registration period on grounds of ill-health, shall on provision of a medical report issued or endorsed by the Director of the institute Health services, be allowed to register within seven days from the day of the closure of formal registration.

b) In the event of the inability of such a student to register within the seven days stipulated in paragraph ‘a’ above, he/she will be allowed a deferment for a first semester. In a situation where the first semester courses are prerequisites for the second semester courses, the deferment shall be for the whole academic year. There shall be NO registration by proxy.

c) A student who does not duly register within the registration period shall be precluded from commencing the semester’s programme of courses.

d) Registration for the appropriate course shall qualify a student to write the examination in it. Where a student registers for a course, but fails to write the examination, the student shall be deemed to have failed the course  unless reasons acceptable to the Faculty Examiners Board, can be advanced, in this  case the student shall be graded incomplete (I) and be expected to take part in the next available formal examination.

e) Students shall be permitted to change their courses only during the registration period.

f) In order to qualify as full-time student, the student shall take courses equivalent to the following range of credit hours, both limits inclusive, per semester. This will be prescribed by the department with the approval of the Faculty and Academic Board.

g) A student shall attend all lectures, seminars, workshops and practical sessions prescribed for the courses for which he/she has registered as a pre-condition for writing examination.